Aircraft serial numbers, registrations and airlines.
.s/n             Airline/Registration                      Summary
Catalina Channel Airlines      N10020
Catalina Seaplanes                N13CS
Air Catalina                          N13CS
Last operator was Air Catalina. Aircraft was destroyed in 1983.
Avalon Air Transport           N1503V
Sold to Kodiak Airways in 1957. Crashed on take-off from Old Harbor, Alaska, December 1961.
Catalina Channel Airlines    N2767A
Aircraft stalled and crashed during take-off at Pebbly Beach on April 20, 1965.

Catalina Channel Airlines    N4221A
Engine tear-away during rough water take-off at Pebbly Beach, July 13, 1964.
Air Catalina                        N14CS
On display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC.
Avalon Air Transport/         N327
Catalina Airlines           
Used in the television series "Tales of the Gold Monkey." Destroyed during a forced landing in Yates County, New York, February 15, 2005.
Avalon Air Transport/         N328
Catalina Airlines
Last registered to Worldwide Aviation Distributors, Inc. of Miami Florida, February 7, 2000. Stripped for parts.
Catalina Channel Airlines    N5538N
Catalina Seaplanes              N12CS
Air Catalina                        N12CS
AAT/Catalina Airlines        N93G
Golden West Airlines         N93G
Catalina Airlines, Inc.       N93G
Catalina Flying Boats         N69263
Catalina Channel Airlines  N333F
Catalina Seaplanes            N11CS
 Air Catalina                     N11CS     
Catalina Airlines, Inc.       N11CS
Aircraft was landing at Pebbly Beach when pilot attempted a go-around to avoid a boat wake. Aircraft stalled and crashed, April 14, 1979. The crash site is located about 1000 feet offshore, directly North of the Pebbly Beach seaplane ramp in about 300 feet of water.
Avalon Air Transport         N1523V
Converted to the Kaman K-16B tilt-rotor VTOL test bed aircraft in 1960. Aircraft is at the New England Air Museum, Connecticut.
Catalina Flying Boats        N1257A
Currently operated by Pacific Coastal Airlines, registered as C-GDDJ.
Avalon Air Transport/       N323  
Catalina Airlines
Engine failure in flight, crashed into ocean at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, June 4, 1978. Aircraft was operated by Antilles Airboats.
Avalon Air Transport        N1543V  
Registered as PK-DBP for export to Indonesia. Export deal failed and aircraft was stripped for parts at Long Beach Airport in 1967.
AAT/Catalina Airlines   .    N1133
Golden West Airlines         N1133
Air Catalina                      N18CS
Engine failure on a flight from Camp Fox to San Pedro. Aircraft lost a pontoon during the forced landing, took on water and sank mid-channel, April 10, 1976.
AAT/Catalina Airlines       N324
Golden West Airlines         N324
Catalina Airlines, Inc.       N324
Last registered to Flight Data, Inc. Carson City, Nevada, July, 20, 2001.
AAT/Catalina Airlines       N322
Golden West Airlines         N322
Catalina Airlines, Inc.       N322
Aircraft developed a plugged fuel tank vent in flight causing fuel starvation. Aircraft crashed in a field and nosed over in Big Spring, Texas July 6, 1987. Aircraft hasn't been registered since crash.
Avalon Air Transport        N1513V
Crashed in Alaska. Reeve Aleutian Airlines, June 22, 1970
AAT/Catalina Airlines       N329
Golden West Airlines         N329.
Last known operator was Antilles Airboats. Exported to Indonesia in 1976. Crashed and stripped for parts in 1978.
Avalon Air Transport         N325
Catalina Channel Airlines  N325
Catalina Seaplanes            N325
Crashed into the ocean in level flight off Avalon, September 29, 1968.
Catalina Airlines, Inc.        N22932
Elevator control cable broke during a take-off at Pebbly Beach and aircraft crashed September 17, 1979. The aircraft was salvaged and is currently operated by Fresh Water Adventures in Alaska. 
Catalina Goose Aircraft Log Book
Last registered to 2BW, Newport Beach, California. Sold and stripped for parts in the late 1980s.
Last registered to Baron Aviation Services, Inc. Vichy, Missouri, March 2, 1990. 
Avalon Air Transport          N1583V
Sold to Kodiak Airways in 1956. Crashed during a flight from Old Harbor to Kodiak, Alaska, December 11, 1974.
 On display at the National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, Florida as US Coast Guard V190.
Amphibian Air Transport   NC95467
Purchased from Palm Springs Air Museum by Addison Pemberton, March 2012. Relocated to Spokane, Washington for a complete restoration.
Amphibian Air Transport     NC95468
Crashed into water and sank at Driftwood Bay, near Dutch Harbor, Alaska, January 23, 1981

Catalina Flying Boats          N143DF
Destroyed in a hangar fire, Whitehorse Canada, 1999.