Catalina Channel Airlines was founded by former Amphibian Air Transport and Avalon Air Transport pilot Bob Hanley. Bob Hanley was regarded by those who knew him as a masterful water pilot as well as a true gentleman. Promoting "The Executive Service," passengers were shuttled from the airport at Pebbly Beach directly to their door in Avalon courtesy of the airline. Catalina Channel Airlines was the first airline to develop and use the amphibian airport and ramp at Pebbly Beach.
Catalina Channel Airlines Fleet:

Grumman Gooses: N333F, N325, N4221A, N10020, N2767A, N5538N.

Douglas Dolphin: N26K

Catalina Seaplanes 
Owned by MGRS, Fred Rosen and Charlie Steelwell, who were also operating the SS Catalina steamship. The General Manager for the airline was Dick Probert. MGRS took over the Catalina Channel Airlines operation and the Pebbly Beach ramp. A new seaplane ramp was opened in 1969 at the newly built Cabrillo Mole Steamship dock, but was abandoned due to heavy ocean swells and a large, submerged rock at the base of the new ramp which made operations difficult and dangerous. Catalina Seaplane's operations returned to the original seaplane ramp at Pebbly Beach.
Catalina Seaplanes fleet:

Grumman Gooses: N11CS, N12CS, N13CS, N325.
Catalina Channel Airlines N325 in special "The Islander" paint scheme
Catalina Channel Airlines N10020 c/n 1007. This Goose was later reregistered as N13CS by Catalina Seaplanes in 1967.
This photo of N10020 was taken about 1966/1967 around the time that Catalina Channel sold to Catalina Seaplanes. 
Catalina Channel Airline's Douglas Dolphin, N26K.
N4221A c/n 1030 at Pebbly Beach, June 1960. The gentleman in the center of the photo holding the large box is Bob Hanley, pilot and founder of the airline. Thanks to Stuart Hanley for this photo.
N4221A serial #1030 at Long Beach Airport, early 1960s. Thanks to Stuart Hanley for this photo.
Catalina Seaplanes N13CS c/n 1007. Photo dated 1967.
Catalina Seaplanes N13CS c/n 1007 at Pebbly Beach in 1969. Thanks to Steven Dold for this photo.
Catalina Seaplanes N12CS c/n 1085, at Pebbly Beach ramp in 1969. Thanks to Steven Dold for this photo. 
In this 1959 photograph, N2767A, c/n 1021 is climbing the beach ramp at Pebbly Beach before the concrete ramp was constructed.
Catalina Channel Airlines
Airline Logo and Paint Liveries
Airline Logo and Paint Livery
Catalina Seaplanes N12CS c/n 1085. Photo by Ed Coates.
N2767A c/n 1021 at Long Beach Airport 1959. Photo courtesy of Ed Coates
N13CS c/n 1007. Photo By Bob Garrard
Catalina Seaplanes N12CS c/n 1085 in foreground at Pebbly Beach. Photo by Roger Meadows.
The Cabrillo Mole seaplane ramp. Photo by Roger Meadows
Bob Hanley, founder of Catalina Channel Airlines
N333F c/n 1166 in a ramp mishap at Pebbly Beach. Photo courtesy of Roger Meadows.
N333F s/n 1166 in a transitional paint scheme, shortly before Catalina Channel Airlines N333F would be re-registered as Catalina Seaplanes N11CS.
Cabrillo Mole Seaplane Ramp 
N333F, c/n 1166 at Pebbly Beach in 1965. Photo by Bill Martin
N333F c/n 1166 at Pebbly Beach. Photo by Bill Martin.
Cabrillo Mole seaplane ramp and the SS Catalina.

Photo by David Mayer
Catalina Channel Airlines Gooses with a Catalina Vegas Mallard at Pebbly Beach
N5538N, c/n 1085 at San Pedro terminal.
Welcome to Pebbly Beach. Photo courtesy of Jim Woods
Chief Pilot, Ray McClure at the controls of N325. Photo courtesy of Jim Woods
Captain Ray McClure, Photo courtesy of Jim Woods 
Photo coutesy of Jim Woods