The VS-44A at the New England Air Museum
On June 18, 1997, after ten years of restoration, the hull of the majestic Sikorsky VS-44A arrived at the New England Air Museum. In October 1998, after being assembled and painted, the aircraft was put on display in the Civil Aviation display building and a ceremony was held to dedicate this historic aircraft.
A team of volunteers, many of whom are Sikorsky retirees who worked on the original construction of this plane, began the massive restoration effort to bring the aircraft to displayable condition. "Excambian" is the last remaining American built commercial trans-ocean four-engine flying boat.
Dedication Ceremony at New England Air Museum, October 1998
Restored VS-44A Cockpit. 
Flight Engineers Station
The VS-44 undergoing restoration. The photos were taken in September, 1997 in the restoration hangar which is behind the main exhibit hall at the New England Air Museum. Photos by Steven Dold.
Newly restored VS-44A "Excambian"
"Excambian" as she arrives at the Sikorsky plant in Bridgeport, Conn. for the start of her restoration. Photo by Pete Montini.
The center section is trial-fitted to the hull in the spring of 1997. Photo by Edwin Botsford
Stripped down fuselage section prior to restoration