Los Angeles Times, July 29th, 1987
Seaplane Landing Off Catalina Hits Boat Towing Skier.
A cargo seaplane landing in the water off Santa Catalina Island crashed into a powerboat towing a water skier Tuesday, but no injuries were reported, authorities said.
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Rick Blevins said the plane, owned by Catalina Flying Boats of Long Beach, was skimming along the surface off Howland's Landing when the pilot swerved to avoid a large boat that had crossed its path.
The pilot's evasive action sent the seaplane into the path of the ski boat, which veered to avoid the plane, but the bow of the boat hit and knocked a float off one of the planes wings. The boat suffered damage to its engine and hull, Blevins said, and the plane had damage to its fuselage and wing.
Howland's Landing is about three miles west of Isthmus Cove and about 16 miles northwest of Avalon.
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