N22932 serial number B-139
N22932 was a latecomer on the Catalina route. N22932 came to Catalina Airlines, Inc. in the late 1970's. It crashed when a control cable separated from the yoke during a take-off from Avalon on September 18th, 1979. The aircraft was later salvaged and today is flying with Pen Air of Alaska. It is one of the few Gooses still in regular airline service. Pen Air also flies two other Gooses, N741 (B-97) and N7811 (B-122).  These Gooses are flown year round out of Dutch Harbor. Pen Air has acquired copies of the original drawing specifications and manufacture their own parts for the Gooses in order to keep them flying.
The photos and information was sent by Robert Corbishley, Maintenance Records, Pen Air. Click on the Pen Air logo to visit their web page.
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These photos were shot in 1999, but N22892 is still flying to this day with Pen Air.
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